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Drag and Drop without creating a subtask

Started by stu.silverstein Web app

47 weeks ago
Turn an existing task into a subtask

Started by prushton iPhone app

28 weeks ago
Time limited trial for Pro features?

Started by biokinton Web app

88 weeks ago
Recurring tasks overwrites date of notes

Started by mburger Web app

29 weeks ago
Can I mark a task as canceled or incomplete without deleting it?

Started by geojono Web app

314 weeks ago
Scan barcodes

Started by maximusdurden Android app

14 months ago
Create task with email body as note

Started by rudolfkvdl Web app

34 months ago
The new app sucks

Started by mras Android app

74 months ago
Items with Start Date < today not appearing in Today

Started by prushton General

64 months ago
Drag and Drop

Started by darinr iPhone app

44 months ago
View all tasks with a specific tag by clicking it

Started by asworley Android app

24 months ago
Time format

Started by jan.sosniecki General

14 months ago
Deleting multiple tasks

Started by abonhote Android app

14 months ago
How Drag & Drop One Task From Center Of List To The 3rd Position?

Started by ranvaughn iPhone app

34 months ago
Could log in to android ap

Started by wesconn Android app

04 months ago
Subtasks via E-Mail?

Started by xidadesign Email

14 months ago
Auto accept to-dos from contacts

Started by sophia.blomqvist General

14 months ago
Sync with Office 365 on a Mac?

Started by ashley.banks MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook

14 months ago
Specifying tags when entering tasks with Siri

Started by profaridw General

04 months ago
Adding notes to a task with new android app

Started by ricsto Android app

14 months ago