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Location workflow

poirty says:
New user exploring features.

Recognising the OG status of RTM, qudos to the devs and the general seamless purity of the experience with Windows desktop app and Android app synced... in general, loving it!

That said, kind of surprised at the brutal way Locations are treated - My experience so far -

Typing a location inline like this - '@place' - RTM simply ignores it (since place is not in the locations list)... well sometimes it does - other times it added the text @place to the title of the entry (but did not add that new place to the locations list).

(In contrast to tags which can be entered inline by typing #tag, which then is recognised as a new tag and added to the tag list).

You can 'cheat' and put a TAG with a @ symbol I guess...

The fact Locations are geolocated (via address) is a wild ride - It is not permitted to have 'nothing' in the geo field, while at the same time no assistance is provided to 'guess' the location from the title - e.g from a geo integration like OSM.

And per another user request it seems coordinates are not acceptable in the geo field?

Finally the little dart icon 'current location', brings up a totally fictitious guess (presumably bc my PC is set to not share location?).

Any comments, feedback, workarounds, advice gratefully received!
Posted at 9:49am on June 21, 2023
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi poirty,
Thanks for getting in touch. I'm glad you're enjoying Remember The Milk so far! 💙

Locations should work inline as you expect so if that doesn't work as expected, would it be possible to contact us with some more details? I think we may want a screenshot of what it looks like for you.

Regarding creating and working with locations in the app, I do think your current location isn't working without location permissions, and that would go for using locations in any kind of "nearby" way too.

Our best suggestion for finding a suitable location is to use Google Maps to drop a pin and then to use the "address" at the top to copy/paste into Remember The Milk. That should help for those locations that don't have an exact address.

And for "virtual" locations or ones where you want to track them but not a specific place, you can use Antarctica or another place that isn't nearby to create a location.

Keep me posted on what you find and let me know if you need more help with associating your locations with your tasks! 😅
Posted 12 months ago
poirty says:
Thanks for these tips, the Gmaps one - great idea.
I will experiment a bit more to see how broad/narrow the location geo field requirements are. e.g. town/city, street, venue...
I noted that the inline 'place' is removed as soon as the item is saved - But if I go back to the item editor pane I can re-add text like #place - this is not removed. But it doesn't get turned into a Location either.
Posted 12 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi poirty,
That inline place thing sounds like something isn't working correctly, so if you could contact us we'd love to sort out why!

And keep me posted about the location experimenting; we're happy to help with any problems or wrinkles you run into!
Posted 12 months ago
mirthless29 says:
For location items without a direction, I use the iOS mobile app. No direction is needed to create one.

Perhaps in Android app is the same
Posted 12 months ago
poirty says:
Thanks for the tip, you are right, I can type a text @place in the Android app and it saves it as part of the task title.

I can also create a Location without any geo data... But to my mind that behaviour is broken, as a new Location does not get added to a new task despite entering a name in the 'new location' field.

The new Location does not appear in the Locations list until after I save the task then edit the task again.
Posted 12 months ago
poirty says:
Andrewski, thanks I will put a video together to demonstrate. It might take a few days to get around to tho', sorry.
Posted 12 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
When adding a location, you can use the current location or search for a new location place, in both apps. It shouldn't be possible to add without an address/location, but we will look at that!

poirty, I see your message—thanks for reaching out! I will reach out as soon as possible. 💙
Posted 11 months ago
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