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Move Tasks to Parent

mddperkins says:
How can I move a bunch of subtasks to be tasks at the same level as their parent? I'm trying to drag-and-drop all over the place, but nothing is working.

The only reason I'm having to do this is because I'm trying to share a list with my brother, and it wouldn't let him see any subtasks. He's not impressed.

Seems silly to cripple the subscription payer's functionality on shared lists, as it just creates huge inconveniences like this. I know why this is done - to prevent non-subscribers getting premium features. But I don't think this is the best way to go about it.
Posted at 2:13am on June 24, 2023
mirthless29 says:
Imposible on mobile app.

Using the desktop app or the web, select all child tasks you want and drag it from the left part of the highlighted bar from any selected task, with three vertical dots and drop it in the left vertical bar (wherever you want (location, new list, etc…) or on another task

In other Complicated scheme, I use an auxiliary tag for all the tasks involved and the destiny one and the same process: select, drag from the left part and drop on the new parent task (with the same auxiliary task)

Finally, delete the auxiliary task

It’s not fast, but the best I have found.

Excuse my poor English!!
Posted 12 months ago
mddperkins says:
Thanks for the response. I managed to move them, and your response helped me figure out why I think it wasn't working. If you have the window at less than 1024 pixels in width, the subtask lists don't show. I always use the RTM app in about a 680-pixel width.

Perhaps needs the drag-and-drop functionality to be implemented for smaller window sizes!
Posted 12 months ago
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