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Don't convert dates

boothledboldly says:
Is there any setting that will stop RTM from doing "smart" conversions when it thinks it sees a due date in an item?

For instance, if I want to make a note to self that says "Peoria to Bloomington is 45 minutes," I'll get an entry that says "Peoria to Bloomington is" with a due date 45 minutes away. Any way to make it stop doing that?
Posted at 3:18pm on June 27, 2023
(closed account) says:
You can disable that in the settings. The setting is under Tasks (I have RTM in another language so I don't know the exact name). Under Task there is a toggle named something similar to Date recognition.
Posted 9 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi boothledboldly, and thanks johan.nilsson! That setting is what you would want, and you can find more specifics in our help pages. With that disabled you'd need to use ^due date to add a due date with Smart Add.

It's also possible to override that detection if you want to keep it enabled but avoid it manually.
Posted 9 months ago
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