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Move a task to subtask

Started by angie.kalamas Web app

512 weeks ago
Repeated items not repeating

Started by buduspam Email

716 weeks ago
Repeating the task and send it through e-mail

Started by teresa82_wu Web app

34 months ago
Problem syncing sent tasks through the web app

Started by mchojrin Android app

24 months ago
assigning tasks

Started by dwothomas Web app

34 months ago
Help or How To Videos?

Started by robert.ward General

04 months ago
Upper limit on tasks in a list?

Started by robert.fitzmaurice Web app

25 months ago
Gtalk & ICQ BOTs offline

Started by gerryino Reminders

05 months ago
cannot access - expired security certificate.

Started by mickeypr Web app

35 months ago
Change app display name on Android?

Started by robemenecker Android app

15 months ago
Not receiving reminders

Started by hansfn Email

35 months ago
Windows Speech Recognition

Started by jmitch5436 Web app

05 months ago
Android app traps every time I select a task with notes

Started by cek1227 Android app

15 months ago
Date format

Started by mrtotes Web app

25 months ago
Settings are not working on android app (android 5.1)

Started by maksimt Android app

55 months ago
Will I be able to use milksync on a computer with restricted admin privileges?

Started by dragondrop MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook

15 months ago
Google Inbox

Started by benjanssen Gmail add-on

15 months ago
apple watch status

Started by sven.blum iPhone app

25 months ago
Subtasks - undo

Started by markfriedman Web app

15 months ago
Location notification

Started by limamedeiros Web app

15 months ago