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what happens if my pro renewal comes due and my credit card doesnt go through

nah.why says:
what happens if my pro renewal comes due and my credit card doesnt go through. Eg it expired since last year.

Will my account downgrade?

Will I lose stuff?

Is there a grace period?

What if there's something wrong with my email address where you might alert me? Is there a way to trigger an email from you to make sure it gets through (eg what if some forwarding is broken)?

I checked my account, order history, update billing info, but I don't know if it's right for sure til you try to put through the renewal. And by then it's "too late" (or something).

I searched for this answer, and didnt find it in the help nor forum. Did I miss it?
Posted at 3:51am on February 8, 2024
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi nah.why,
Thanks for getting in touch. This gets into a bit of complicated payment details, depending on the payment provider, but I'll do my best to cover the bases! 😅

First, you should be alerted ahead of time if your payment won't go through due to an expiration date.

Second, you will be alerted of a failed upgrade and you can update your billing info with the new card details.

Third, you could also step through our order form to "re-order", for example with a different card.

Last, there's a chance, depending on your bank/card, that a recently expired card might still be approved, but this usually only happens when you have a renewal that was set up in years prior.

If nothing else, your account would downgrade, but nothing would be lost. The worst case scenario would be that your subtasks and completed tasks before a week ago would be hidden, but these would show right up once your Pro is restored.

To answer your question about not knowing if it's right, any changes you make in the billing page or order form would alert you of any errors even before being charged, so that would be the best way to make sure your account is ready to be renewed.

And of course this doesn't affect PayPal or App Store upgrades, which are handled a bit differently but the summary there is "PayPal/the App Store handles those messages and confirmations before being charged."

And if you encounter any problems, please let us know—we're happy to help however we can to smooth things over! 💙
Posted 5 months ago
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