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How to postpone recurring tasks?

helill says:
I have a few daily recurring tasks that I want to halt (or postpone) until the end of my vacation. As I was marking them to a future date, I noticed they get duplicated in said future date. And if I try to delete one of them, and ask to "stop repeating", all instances of the task are deleted.
How should I do this?
Posted at 3:36pm on December 25, 2023
mirthless29 says:
"Maybe you can Archive the list you want to put on hold. When you finish your vacation, you can Unarchive them back."
Posted 15 weeks ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi helill,
Two options, one direct and one a bit more indirect and maybe not even applicable:

First, you can postpone the task, and delete any tasks in between (and select "continue repeating" on those). The task will keep its schedule and you can manage this in the intervening time to get it back on schedule after your vacation.

Another option, which may not apply to this task but that you can use in other tasks: there's another repeat format—"after a day" etc.—that repeats the task only when you complete the current one. So you can postpone the task indefinitely and it will only generate the next task when you use the complete action.

I hope this helps one way or another! 💙
Posted 14 weeks ago
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