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Zapier not returning the correct result

juliencassagne says:
Hi there!

First message, then, thanks everyone for the quality of this help forum.

Am I the only one with who Zapier doesn't return the correct result ?
I use Zapier in many integrations, even for my clients, and think I know quite well this tool.
I tried with different ways to create a zap with a trigger like a task being tagged, an existing one or a new one, but.... Zapier always return a wrong task. I even can't understand on which part of the data (sorry, I'm french, and it's early morning...) it triggers...

Is anyone using it please ?

Thanks and have a good day !! 🙂

I was trying just to have a task sent to Google calendar, for exemple, when tagged "plan" or anything else...
Posted at 6:58am on December 13, 2023
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi juliencassagne,
Sorry to hear that! Are you able to contact us to send an example? We'd love to look into this! Thanks. 💙
Posted 4 months ago
juliencassagne says:
Hi andrewski,
Thanks. Yes, I'm able to contact you 🙂 But what can I send to you ? Am I the only one encountering that problem ?
Just tell me please.
Posted 4 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Yes, we'd love to know more details so we can figure out what is occurring for you, how to reproduce this, etc.
Posted 17 weeks ago
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