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is there a way to test if emails from you are getting to me

nah.why says:
I asked a question about potential pro account billing problems (here: and received a good answer.

Some of those answers rely on RTM being able to email me. I recently had a situation where the email I use for RTM wasn't getting forwarded to me. I fixed that (I think).

So what is the procedure to make sure my RTM email is working.

If you get an error when sending to me, maybe you can alert me when I use the app (guessing).

But if it's some more tricky error, like my forwarding problem, the send from RTM will work fine. It would be nice to, say, be able to trigger RTM to send me an email, Like a "test" or "verify email" or something, just to make sure it's getting all the way through to where I routinely pick up my email.

Is there anything like that?
Posted at 9:02pm on February 9, 2024
steve23606 says:
Just set up a task, say "Send a test email" and set the due field to "in 5 minutes" (or whatever). Then click on the "add field" button, click on "reminder" and set it to your email address.
Posted 5 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
steve23606's suggestion is good for making sure you are receiving email from

I just wanted to add, for what it's worth, that reminder email will come from and account email will from or depending on what the message is.

Let me know if I can help with anything else as you test this process and make sure everything is working on our end and yours! 💙
Posted 5 months ago
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