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Price Increase

countdiso says:
I got the email today that I have been dreading, a price increase from RTM. I've been dreading it because I knew that would be the time I needed to think about leaving.

I've been with RTM for many many years, and it is by far the best task app out there.

But, I've been getting very worried for quite some time.

We don't seem have seen much development for the past few years, granted MIlkScript, but nothing else. No changelog, the blog is dead, Tricks and Tips Tuesday stopped. There was mention on the forum about an update about AI searching, and they were 'just waiting for the blog to be published' but that was 14 weeks ago.

I am worried that the product has been abandoned, which would be a massive shame.

Is anyone able to give us any kind of update, a roadmap for the product or some kind of commitment to the future of RTM?

Posted at 1:52pm on November 9, 2023
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi countdiso,
We appreciate your feedback! We're still here and very much committed to the future of Remember The Milk.

For anyone else keeping up, aside from the email we sent we have a details about the changes and price of Pro on our website.

And we appreciate your feedback about the tips and tricks. Bob will be back soon! 😎

Regarding the AI searching, I got out a bit ahead on that in the previous discussion: it's been in beta testing, and I think the previous forum post was about it being made available in the stable version accidentally/temporarily. More on that soon!

As always, we appreciate your feedback—keep that coming! We read it all and consider it as we work on the apps and features, and we're here to help with anything any time! 💙
Posted 8 months ago
steve23606 says:
This price increase is unacceptable. We keep hearing about commitment and new features but these have proved to be empty promises. Countdiso is exactly right, there is no evidence of any activity other than Andrewski's support here. To have the audacity to increase the price for what is effectively nothing more than disk space is a middle finger to those of us who have been complaining for ages about the lack of development. Actions speak louder than words, and the lack of actions is clear evidence that, despite assurances, RTM is little more than abandonware. This price increase now means that RTM is more expensive than Todoist, which has frequent updates and additional features along with blog and social media posts.

To put it bluntly - Bob's taking the piss.
Posted 8 months ago
steve23606 says:
Oh, and I didn't get an email. The first I knew about the price increase was reading it here.
Posted 8 months ago
wjwaldron says:
Yes. Unacceptable.
Posted 8 months ago
lensaffair says:
I second that - a price increase for no new features, no roadmap and no active development? That hurts, fellas. That really hurts.

My subscription ends in July. Lots of time to change services. Or to make proper announcements. And I'm not talking about features, that might be cool, but haven't been asked for ever (looking at you, AI search and MilkScript).
Posted 8 months ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
First up, I'm sorry for the delayed emails -- we thought we'd contacted everyone in early October ahead of the price increase, but just discovered a glitch that meant that some Pro members didn't receive emails. Anyone who hasn't received an email yet should receive one in the next 24 hours, but you can also read about it here.

I'm really sorry for the lack of communication on our end about the Remember The Milk service in general. This one's my fault, and is something we're working to fix right now. You can expect more frequent updates on the blog (and social media, if you're following us there).

I also hear you that we're slow on feature updates and improvements. We've had some big updates (e.g., MilkScript), but I totally appreciate that there are other areas of our apps that people would like to see given some love too. :) We're working to change this -- I realize these are just words, but I'm hoping through our actions that we'll be able to earn your trust back.

It's a total privilege to work on an app that so many people rely on, and to get to work on it for the past 18 years. We truly appreciate the support that everyone has shown us over the years, and we don't take this for granted.
Posted 8 months ago
pawelkaleta says:
This price increase is unacceptable for what RTM offers (or maybe better to say - doesn't offer) nowadays. As I mentioned on the other thread, I left Toodledo over five years ago, right after it became abandonware (which seems to be the case until today) and switched to RTM.

Now, when I'm observing what is happening with RTM, communication and price increase anouncement, it's hard to not have flashbacks from Toodledo's agony.

To be clear - I'm not looking for fancy new features or UI changes in RTM. But some users' ideas on this forum are sometimes both great and seems to not be complicated to implement, or some BASIC suggestions or bugs that could be fixed with few lines of code probably - it is all being ignored and nothing happens - so any nice looking words from the owners will not convince me now, that it's not the case.

My subscription ends in July next year so lot of time to switch to something that is alive. In the meantime, I will continue to not use MilkScript, as - believe or not - it's not that important feature for me as you probably think, looking at how many times you mention that improvement as example of RTM not being dead.
Posted 8 months ago
kev1n says:
RTM, I feel you take the Pro subscribers for granted.
How many requested features over the past ten years have been considered, implemented, or just plain ignored. It would be good to know the facts. I think you should remove the Ideas Forum, vote for features. It is insulting as we are very much ignored as paying customers. Why did you even bother with this suggestion box? Just to amuse the plebs?
Posted 8 months ago
gowerc says:
I am torn on this, the lack of new features and ignoring of the ideas forum is disappointing however in terms of my personal workflow RTM is borderline feature complete.

I guess it comes down to what you think your subscription should be paying for "access to the product" or "development of the product", I had always assumed more of the former. I occasionally look at other products but there's always some feature that is missing that I need for example todoist not having start dates.

The price increase sucks but given its been the same price for what 4/5 years and the recent rampant inflation I can't say I'm too surprised.

I guess I would stress to others to consider what other developments/features do you need? Are you just wanting them for the sake of it or are there missing features you are sorely missing. If the latter than ya perhaps this is a good time with the price rise to consider other tools, though for me RTM still meets my workflow perfectly so I will begrudgingly accept this increase.
Posted 8 months ago
mirthless29 says:
I've just cancel my subscription renewal.
I think there are alternatives: Nirvana, Vikunja, Tick Tick, ... with pros and cons but suitable for our needs.

My figures en RTM are: 1099 tasks and more than 10 areas of responsability. But it hurts me more the price increase than the effort to migrate my system, because I feel I don't receive the support and updates the service is costing nowadays.
Posted 8 months ago
schafele says:
I understand that some people are expressing dissatisfaction with the recent price increase, but it's perplexing why they resort to hitting below the belt when providing feedback.

In general, as a developer and entrepreneur, I've always been intrigued by how the product has maintained such a low price. Considering the rising costs in various aspects, I find the price adjustment reasonable.

If the current pricing doesn't align with your expectations, feel free to hop to a competitors or consider to create your own SaaS solution at a more competitive price. The churn will tell...

I appreciate the RTM team's efforts in providing us with this valuable tool. I hope the price adjustment allows you the necessary resources to enhance the platform. While I see RTM as nearly feature-complete, as gowerc pointed out, I eagerly anticipate any improvements and new features resulting from this price adjustment.

Thanks, RTM team, for furnishing a stable and efficient tool that significantly streamlines my workflow and cognitive load. cheers from Austria
Posted 8 months ago
lensaffair says:
Being a professional IT product manager/product owner, I have to consider the further development of the service as dead. The backlog is full of valuable feedback and interesting features - including quick wins - but none of this feedback is taken into account. And I'm not just saying that now; practically every year one of these threads pops up here talking about the lack of further development. And as always, I say: RTM is still the best tool. But it could be even better. And I understand my pro-membership to mean that I am also financing further development and not just the provision.

If the announced price increase were accompanied by an extended feature set - as was the case back then - I'd be happy to! I'm the last person who would complain. But under these circumstances, I'm not sure.

Anyway, thanks to Emily for your words. I feel a little more heard now. Now, if actions follow...
Posted 8 months ago
coasterguy53433 says:
I love RTM, truly. I run my life from it! But the price increase feels hollow. I'm baffled:
- We've seen almost zero new features in the last few years.
- There's no dark mode for the Desktop client.
- The Apple Watch app sync is so slow that it's practically useless.
- There are no automatic suggestions for tags.
- Desktop/web client takes a long time to load, compared to many other apps.
- MilkScript doesn't work on the mobile app, even though it runs in the cloud.

If it was apparent that RTM was actually *innovating*, I wouldn't question the price increase.
Posted 8 months ago
zurbit says:
The forum is full of many interesting ideas, some dating back years. With other productivity tools, suggestions can be submitted, within the Apps and often appear in a future release. With RTM the responses are logged, usually followed up with an apology and s statement confirming that RTM does not do it (and that's it). With the evolution of competing platforms and richness of features, it feels that RTM has been 'dancing on the spot' for a while. With my subscription renewal due (after 10+ year), the richness of features in competing products and superior mobile application capabilities, it does make me wonder whether its time to move on ? :-(
Posted 7 months ago
ahindle says:
Well... having been a pro user for many years, I too grew concerned about the lack of communication and the dearth of updates, and I dropped my subscription earlier this year before trying several alternatives. Guess what... I'm back, and have restarted my pro subscription. Honestly: although there a lots of things I'd dearly love to see addressed, everything else I've tried is either missing something fundamental that RTM does really well; or has different issues that are equally annoying.

I'm *delighted* (and relieved) to see the recent posts from andrewski and emily — I'm taking this as really good evidence that things are moving along. If the pricing increase helps accelerate that, so much the better. And, frankly, I'm still happy to pay for a service that, even if lacking some recent updates, has still (for me, at least) been highly functional and reliable for more years than many companies are in existence at all.

So: well done, team RTM — keep it up; and please let the community know if there's anything we can do to help!
Posted 6 months ago
mirthless29 says:
I totally agree with the previous message.

I mentioned earlier that I was canceling my Pro user renewal and was looking into trying other options.

Well, turns out I haven't found anything better than RTM.

At the same time, I'm noticing increased interaction and development within the app.

So, I'll be reactivating my renewal and will try to be more active in the forum because I believe this increase in the subscription might actually mean improvements in features and support from Bob and the rest of the team.

So, you've got my support, including financially, hoping to see good things in the future and doing what I can to help the community and the RTM team.
Posted 6 months ago
travis.neale says:
Wow. I would pay more just to have nothing change! This app is awesome and worth way more than they charge. Inflation is real and everyone needs to keep up.
Posted 6 months ago
onlinemailnet13 says:
The CORE of RTM is absolutely SOLID. It's why we're all still here and paying -- simple tagging, smart lists, etc.

It's GTD minimalism at its finest.

As such, we need a steady stream of small UX improvements that keep the UX congruent with MODERN WORKFLOWS.

Drag/Drop of documents, Copy/Paste of images... just two examples of things people have come to expect from modern apps. When RTM fails to offer capabilities that are part of day-to-day workflows, it introduces friction, forces users to consider alternative options, and frankly makes us feel like RTM is abandoned 💔 :(.

At this point, my solution/suggestion is to exclusively focus on a small steady stream of UX improvements to give users a frictionless experience. Keeping things simple and frictionless should be the goal.

As such... I ask you to please consider:
- Do we really need AI search??
- Did we really need MilkScript?
- Did we really need integration into every smart speaker?

It’s about refining the core, not adding more. This way, RTM can remain a top choice for those who value efficiency and minimalism in their productivity tools.

Pleading for Progress
Posted 6 months ago
mirthless29 says:
onlinemailnet13, totally agree!!!
Posted 6 months ago
onlinemailnet13 says:
Here's example of a relatively small UX request... (there are so many of these too, just picking one). This one is 10 years old. 93 people chimed in. Comments span a decade. Over 90% of the comments are in strong favor of this feature. Breadbox effort estimation to implement this must be "days" and not "weeks" or "months". I'm really curious why these things aren't ever prioritized?
Posted 6 months ago
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