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Started by ahliana Android app0 comments

Send an email from RTM

Started by michael.labelle Email0 comments

Ability to hide lists

Started by masei Android app4 comments

More custom notification sounds

Started by paul.beattie iPhone app3 comments

Tag-only cloud

Started by mahinirb Web app1 comment

Barcode scanning to add tasks

Started by kh Android app4 comments

Syncing tasks and dates

Started by hemzet MilkSync for Windows Mobile1 comment

Improvements to iPhone web app

Started by trevor.caswell 0 comments

Task Complete Option on iPhone

Started by marksquared 6 comments

Smart list iPhone interface

Started by robertbasil 0 comments

iPhone Request: Clickable Phone Numbers

Started by jakobo 4 comments

"Uncompletable" tasks

Started by mackar General2 comments

Support for wiki-like markup in notes

Started by chris.hancock Web app1 comment

Subtasks *need* to be listed in views separately along with top-level tasks, because they're immediate actionable items

Started by katrmr Web app1 comment

Generate a new task after another task has been executed n times

Started by lschyns Web app0 comments

Use email body for task name if no subject

Started by alexdresko Email0 comments

Display of estimate values

Started by fxf8klc iPhone app0 comments

Make RTM desktop app have ability to be always on top of other windows

Started by halseys General0 comments

Pure Calendar Widget integration (Android)

Started by mickem New integrations9 comments

Automatically completed the tasks

Started by xmission Web app0 comments