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Export tasks to SQLite file

Started by prem18 Web app0 comments

Due date-specific email addresses

Started by rusharound Email1 comment

RSS feeds for individual forum topics

Started by jef General2 comments

Google Checkout for purchasing Pro accounts

Started by davidpaquet General2 commentsAnswered

Support connecting tasks with events/contacts using other languages

Started by oeconom Gmail add-on1 comment

Add tasks via Jabber

Started by liliana.ziolek New integrations19 comments

Enhanced Bluetooth keyboard support

Started by sven.schenkel iPad app0 comments

Import contacts from Mac OS X Address Book

Started by rtsr22 New integrations0 comments

Ability to share a list from the Settings screen

Started by heathweaver Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut support for different languages and keyboards

Started by yurimalinov Web app4 comments

Develop natural language parsing for other languages

Started by orloffm Web app1 comment

Snooze option via IM

Started by hershelsr Reminders5 comments

Support for Smart Add shortcuts for Japanese

Started by tositaka77 Web app0 comments

RSS feed of recent modifications to tasks

Started by jfiat Web app0 comments

TripIt integration

Started by joe.foss New integrations4 comments

Support for offline access with Safari

Started by sofrankly Web app0 comments

Implement an affiliate program

Started by jbigelow General7 comments

SyncML support

Started by rohan.cook New integrations26 comments

Google Toolbar button

Started by jennifer.munson New integrations4 comments

Option to auto-complete tasks after the reminder is delivered

Started by goyishekop Reminders6 comments