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Seeing time estimate in each line

Started by eileeneh10 Web app0 comments

Block out particular days

Started by menage General0 comments

Post desktop reminders in the Action Center

Started by frank479 Reminders0 comments

Removing the cow face on items sent to me.

Started by johnhdouglas4 iPhone app1 comment

Add tag cloud back!

Started by freddieq Web app0 comments

Delete a tag from multiple tasks in one operation

Started by larrylarr Web app0 comments

Leave tags in place in the task

Started by david.sarnowski Web app0 comments

An option to see list hashtag within title, like tags

Started by pbluck General0 comments

repeat after next Monday

Started by cappu1980 General1 comment

Show task creator in task info

Started by jscholz1 Web app0 comments

Hide tag when it's the only tag being searched for

Started by erichdongubler General0 comments

Duplicate task and date of the notes

Started by judykator General0 comments

Fix Sort by Drag and Drop

Started by onerror Web app4 comments

Having a completion bar on tasks that have an 'estimate'

Started by ornorm General2 comments

Plugins for main browsers

Started by onerror New integrations0 comments

Reminder setting for "in app"

Started by plainclothes General0 comments

Reminders - use absolute date/time for reminder

Started by mapgeek Reminders1 comment

Entering tasks as already complete

Started by sean.lawrence General0 comments

Adjust placement of "Undo Message Window" to prevent blocking any other function.

Started by chris.noto New apps0 comments

Add tasks to "Given to Others" manually

Started by andsterling General0 comments