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Add a 'time spent' field

Started by jackforester Web app2 comments

Don't delete the contents of the "Add new task" bar when the user presses Escape

Started by topher200 Web app0 comments

Ability to close task detail window in landscape mode

Started by jonathan.decolaines iPad app1 comment

Import Google / Facebook contacts

Started by giulio.folino New integrations0 comments

Use the sender email address to know which Remember The Milk account to add the task to

Started by roniyaniv Email1 comment

Paginate the completed tasks view

Started by yosri Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut for sharing a task

Started by bdoherty Web app0 comments

Ability to 'archive' a task

Started by sthurn Web app1 comment

Microsoft Exchange integration

Started by meezcore New integrations0 comments

Include locations in the print view

Started by zoresvit Web app0 comments

SlideScreen integration (Android)

Started by giorgio.chiodi New integrations0 comments

Pluralization for translations

Started by iskin General1 comment

Combine the FAQs into one page

Started by avdd General0 comments

Customizable menu icons

Started by rauros iPad app0 comments

Ability to add tags on the Settings screen

Started by jennifer.byrne Web app0 comments

Option to disable grouping by due date

Started by johnfoland iGoogle gadget0 comments

Specify a user to share with when emailing in a task

Started by arnoudscheer Email0 comments

Detect context by SSID

Started by ben.wainwright Web app1 comment

Purchase Pro accounts through the Android Market

Started by steamey General0 comments

New search operator: Interface where task was added (e.g., 'web', 'android', 'iphone')

Started by wcitypoe Web app0 comments