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Started by squaregoldfish Web app0 comments

Visual Planner

Started by chandan.maruthi Web app0 comments

Checklist templates with origin date

Started by zhinjio Web app0 comments

Option to display due dates in ISO 8601 format

Started by cori.schlegel Web app28 comments

Recover deleted task

Started by akozelko Web app0 comments

Keyboard shortcut for creating a new list

Started by mike.payne Web app4 comments

Share only the current instance of a recurring event

Started by tvjames Web app0 comments

Option to keep completed tasks in the list for the rest of the day

Started by jmc Web app0 comments

Want Reenie Beanie back

Started by fant Web app0 comments

Restore the rest of the single-click keyboard shortcuts

Started by armchairdj Web app1 comment

Customizable font styles

Started by davehongco Web app0 comments

sortin in "all tasks"

Started by catfishtpa Web app0 comments

Ability to hide specific Smart Lists

Started by paul.sinclair Web app3 comments

Support for case insensitive search operators

Started by amnisjonas Web app0 comments

Show the task or list name in the page title

Started by eivind.throndsen Web app0 comments

Responsive version

Started by tonyhue Web app0 comments

Separating date and Time tag

Started by jerinjacob009 Web app0 comments

Sort by number of tasks

Started by davehongco Web app0 comments

Not show black and white print option *every* time

Started by marksund Web app0 comments

Ability to set a due date for a particular tag

Started by stagger82 Web app0 comments