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Restore the rest of the single-click keyboard shortcuts

Started by (closed account) Web app1 comment

Show iCalendar events having start and due date

Started by carloscadu Web app0 comments

Ability to hide specific Smart Lists

Started by paul.sinclair Web app3 comments

Share only the current instance of a recurring event

Started by tvjames Web app0 comments

Export and/or more advance reporting option

Started by robheathcote Web app0 comments

Seeing time estimate in each line

Started by eileeneh10 Web app0 comments

Add tag cloud back!

Started by freddieq Web app0 comments

Delete a tag from multiple tasks in one operation

Started by larrylarr Web app0 comments

Leave tags in place in the task

Started by david.sarnowski Web app0 comments

Show task creator in task info

Started by jscholz1 Web app0 comments

Fix Sort by Drag and Drop

Started by onerror Web app4 comments

Responsive version

Started by tonyhue Web app0 comments

Show all notes in a list

Started by thestumonkey Web app0 comments

Started by squaregoldfish Web app0 comments

toggle/setting to show and allow sort by additional info on all task list like when printed

Started by greg.koontz Web app0 comments

Recover deleted task

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Tag-only cloud

Started by mahinirb Web app1 comment

Paste multiple tasks or sub-tasks

Started by denkyu45 Web app0 comments

Factor task recurrences into the total time estimate for the "This Week" list

Started by evan.fredericks Web app0 comments

Support for wiki-like markup in notes

Started by chris.hancock Web app1 comment