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Pause feature for recurring tasks

Started by richardchayes Web app0 comments

Change priority from task view

Started by ordeph Web app0 comments

Ability to modify Atom feed name

Started by milkmaid88 Web app0 comments

Detect context by SSID

Started by ben.wainwright Web app1 comment

Show the status update on the right (which scrolls) instead of at the top of the page

Started by robert.scholl Web app2 comments

Bookmarkable URLs (permalinks) for tags

Started by olliebaum Web app1 comment

Option to disable keyboard shortcuts

Started by igorrs Web app4 comments

Make shared lists stand out from my lists

Started by cweb Web app1 comment

Eisenhower-Matrix view

Started by (closed account) Web app3 comments

Support for Smart Add shortcuts for Japanese

Started by tositaka77 Web app0 comments

Ability to set own website authentication policy

Started by jorhett Web app1 comment

Customizable font size

Started by petros.pan Web app1 comment

New repeat option: after [number] hours (e.g. 'after 6 hours')

Started by brian.reilly Web app6 comments

Ability to have icons next to your tasks (e.g., red flags, smiley faces, etc)

Started by redsunhat Web app0 comments

Support calendar week as due date (e.g. ^week14)

Started by bela.hausmann Web app0 comments

Support for case insensitive search operators

Started by amnisjonas Web app0 comments

New due date format: fortnight

Started by milkman.shawn Web app0 comments

Don't delete the contents of the "Add new task" bar when the user presses Escape

Started by topher200 Web app0 comments

Allow users to rename Inbox

Started by waldir.leoncio Web app4 comments

Color coding for empty list tabs

Started by tvguy07 Web app1 comment