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Started by andy.lawson Web app2 comments

Slack integration

Started by pierre.steckmeyer Web app88 comments

Automatically delete certain overdue tasks

Started by benjanssen Web app3 comments

Sort by Duration

Started by vinit.shah Web app1 comment

Using RTM as ticket system

Started by matrix089 Web app1 comment


Started by jan.sosniecki Web app3 comments

Recover deleted task

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Include a list indicator in the task list

Started by mchojrin Web app0 comments

Put "All", "Today," "Tomorrow" tabs on Tasks page

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Set up an RTM Channel on ifft

Started by jstaso Web app0 comments

Deferred Tasks List

Started by jasichernich Web app1 comment

The search box is hard to see

Started by simon.katz Web app0 comments

Reassign task as subtask

Started by (closed account) Web app18 comments

Not show black and white print option *every* time

Started by marksund5 Web app0 comments

RTM own calendar

Started by shanti7 Web app1 comment

Another view manner supports drop n drag tasks in a calendar.

Started by mohhawk Web app1 comment

Pause feature for recurring tasks

Started by richardchayes Web app0 comments

Change priority from task view

Started by ordeph Web app0 comments

Ability to modify Atom feed name

Started by milkmaid88 Web app0 comments

Detect context by SSID

Started by ben.wainwright Web app1 comment