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Separating date and Time tag

jerinjacob009 says:
Thank you for such a lovely website and App. It really help me a lot to plan my stuff. I understand the Currently the Date and time are tagged together.
if the due date for my task is tomorrow 3:00 PM

i have to type ^tomorrow 3:00 PM and this will appear as a single tab. This is good but i have a suggestion. if i do ^t it shows me suggestion like today, tomorrow but if i select it then i cannot set the time. So i cannot use the suggestion and have to type tomorrow fully and then put the time. If you could provide a way to select the suggestion and then be able to add time, that would real help.

Looking forward to your response.

Jerin - A Happy User
Posted at 1:54am on February 19, 2016
(closed account) says:
Hi Jerin

I was in the same boat, until I discovered, as soon as you type t (for today or tomorrow) just PRESS AND HOLD (today or tomorrow) and the time slider pops up - easy as pie
Posted 1 year ago
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