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Customizable font styles

dave.liao says:
In addition to font size (which I've seen reported in other suggestions), customizing font style/fontface would be wonderful.

The web app would especially benefit from this, as serif fonts can be slightly more legible.

Keep up the great work!
Posted at 5:11pm on March 6, 2016
msalam says:
I'd like more text customization as well Size and a selection of fonts...when to bold...perhaps colouring options?
Posted 1 year ago
ragmana says:
Both a solution and and a suggestion here: Client-side styling and scripting plugins (Stylebot, Minimalist, Stylish, etc.) allow users to develop their own text customization. RTM could easily support client-side customization by providing users with more information about the CSS selectors available within RTM and by keeping your own CSS code clean. (If the app developer is using the !important flag to solve a problem, there is some refactoring to do there.)
Posted 1 year ago
dave.liao says:
Just let us choose fonts, please! I prefer the font used on the RTM website on my Chromebook compared to Chrome in Windows 10. ^_^
Posted 11 months ago
ragmana says:
RTM keeps changing the CSS selector used to set this font. This makes it difficult to set the font within the browser. I'm curious about the rationale for these changes.
Posted 10 months ago
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