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Siri and reminders on iOS 7

Started by kellyls Reminders

55 years ago
Setting different time for each reminder

Started by txglennross Reminders

36 years ago
Evernote reminders and repeating task

Started by oletros Reminders

156 years ago
Evernote reminders being set to 12:00AM

Started by saxyz Reminders

16 years ago
Constant push reminders

Started by joe.vladeck Reminders

16 years ago
Twice daily reminders

Started by dwi807 Reminders

16 years ago
Reminder for an individual task

Started by williamson6 Reminders

26 years ago
Reminder date/times vs scheduled date with Evernote sync

Started by steve23606 Reminders

16 years ago
Reminder problems

Started by (closed account) Reminders

16 years ago
Item in reminders not yet do

Started by (closed account) Reminders

16 years ago
Half of my annual reminders off by a day now

Started by bbrantley Reminders

17 years ago
completed task in reminders

Started by (closed account) Reminders

17 years ago
Due date set, but no reminders active

Started by kenneho Reminders

27 years ago
Reminders in Mountain Lion

Started by pdquilty Reminders

77 years ago
Notes not included in Reminders(?)

Started by lionheartedbear Reminders

17 years ago
Location based reminders don't concider date field

Started by harv Reminders

77 years ago
Setting for Mountain Lion reminders not saving (nor working!)

Started by olliebaum Reminders

37 years ago
Double SMS Reminders

Started by wfvdc Reminders

17 years ago
yahoo/skype/sms reminders are a pro feature ?

Started by florinbuda Reminders

17 years ago
Different reminder options for different priorities

Started by fbuscemi Reminders

27 years ago