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Google Project Fi

gdoten says:
Hi. I use a Google Project Fi phone. Does RTM have plans to support sending SMS reminders to Fi phones?
Posted at 1:26pm on March 23, 2016
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi gdoten,
Remember The Milk uses standard email-to-SMS gateways provided by specific networks to send reminders to your telephone number.

We're not familiar with this service being available for Project Fi but if one becomes available we'd be happy to support it!
Posted 7 years ago
gdoten says:
Hi, Andrewski. I checked with the Fi people yesterday and they told me the following, which perhaps RTM could take advantage of for Fi SMS notifications?

"Project Fi actually recently launched support for a text to email gateway. Granted, only text is supported and images and attachments are not.

To receive an email in the messenger app instruct sender to use the 10 digit Fi number at For example:

To send a message to an email address from default messaging app, simply enter the recipient’s email address instead of their phone number. The recipient will get an email from with your 10-digit Fi phone number."
Posted 7 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Yes, that will help, thanks for letting us know! I’ve added this to our list to investigate on our end.

In the meantime, you can set up email reminders to your phone number's address and you can receive them currently.

Keep us posted on what you find!
Posted 7 years ago
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