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do you have to mark repeating tasks as complete?

flint61 says:
I get reminders via text message on my blackberry phone. i do not have an RTM app on this device. If I do not mark a task as complete on the web app for a certain task that is repeated daily, will I get the next day's reminder? Or do I have to mark today's task as complete before i get a reminder for tomorrow's (repeated) task?
Posted at 12:37pm on March 24, 2016
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Depends on if the task repeats every day or after a day.

Every day repeats create new instances regardless of wether you complete them or not, while after repeats wait for completion before creating new instances.
Posted 7 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
raymond.bergmark has the correct answer. (Thanks! :)

Keep in mind that you will not continue to get reminders for overdue repeating tasks even in the case of every repeats if you have reminders enabled only for tasks due today.

If you enable reminders for overdue tasks you will receive tasks for all overdue tasks.

Hope this helps!
Posted 7 years ago
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