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See both completed and un completed tasks at same time.

Started by lbd617 Web app

26 months ago
Completed tasks with repetition "after one day" dissappear.

Started by solarlynx Web app

76 months ago
Letter "t" problem in free RTM version

Started by hubert_tirol Web app

16 months ago
Problem with keyboard shortcuts in Firefox

Started by vanharten Web app

17 months ago
Numbered sublists

Started by caltechgirl Android app

47 months ago
Numbered subtasks

Started by caltechgirl Web app

27 months ago
Reorder notes

Started by marisack General

17 months ago
Mac Desktop App Not working

Started by edward.hernandez General

17 months ago
Can you specify time via startWithin operator?

Started by jamezzz Web app

17 months ago
blank screen on osx mojave

Started by barbara.andrea.zimmermann Web app

17 months ago
Subtask sort options?

Started by danielcormier Web app

17 months ago
task keyboard shortcut stopped working

Started by b.easton Web app

97 months ago
Polish language

Started by dr.pepe General

17 months ago
language support

Started by clark911 Web app

17 months ago
not getting reliable android notifications

Started by draftpeppin Android app

57 months ago
Dynamic due dates on repeated tasks

Started by qzhou Web app

17 months ago
feature request: widget with rounded corners

Started by ingovidual Android app

07 months ago
find tasks that start with

Started by mfmcdonagh Web app

18 months ago
widget not truncating any more

Started by aleyzerovich Android app

18 months ago
When tomorrow starts

Started by wpietron Web app

18 months ago