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Sorting options

Started by racsac Android app

413 weeks ago
Repeat a project list

Started by j3spirit Web app

416 weeks ago
What does archiving do to my completed tasks?

Started by halloleo General

24 months ago
After One Month Completed End of the Month

Started by blindawson Web app

24 months ago
Compound filter not working

Started by sfcurley Web app

44 months ago
Search by Repeating Type: Weekly, Monthly, etc

Started by geojono Web app

24 months ago
Backdate a task?

Started by johnmsch Web app

34 months ago
Ubuntu 20.04

Started by capemayal General

14 months ago
Calendar feed must honor start and due times

Started by abhirjoshi Web app

04 months ago
In the last few hours I can't create any tasks or modify dates on existing tasks on the web

Started by 0ks8w5vc Web app

244 months ago
No notification sounds

Started by karanvirsingh987654 Reminders

14 months ago
Keeps saying I already have that list

Started by caroline.dunne Web app

34 months ago

Started by lisavanheer General

04 months ago
due day of month plus/minus N days

Started by reidpr General

15 months ago
Duplicate task in android app?

Started by kathybacon Android app

15 months ago
How Undelete from Trash

Started by sfcurley General

55 months ago
Multi-Select vs. Single-Select

Started by sfcurley Web app

25 months ago
Spell checking

Started by rjallison81 General

15 months ago
Customize weekends

Started by leena28 General

15 months ago
Dashboard reporting

Started by rjallison81 General

05 months ago