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When network access is temporarily interrupted

nah.why says:
When I'm editing a note (perhaps other inputs too) and network access is unavailable (adapter not plugged in, laptop in new place and I haven't gotten their wifi yet, wifi turned off, ethernet cable not plugged in, circuit breaker tripped--these are all temporary conditions, note) I get a popup that says something to the effect of "no internet access...reload" and the only option is "reload".

But, if I restore internet access (eg, turn on my wifi) the same message is still there, and the only option is "Reload". I have unsaved edits, possibly several paragraphs, and I can't get to them.

If there was a "Retry" it would probably work because internet access is restored. If there was at least a way for me to scroll and grab the text I entered I could save it and re-enter it later. But the error report window is modal, and I can't interact with the page behind it in any way.

Is there any help for me?
Posted at 12:26am on May 26, 2024
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi nah.why,
Sorry about these scenarios! I'll add this to our list to investigate.

I don't have any other workarounds for you currently aside from copying the note or taking a screenshot and "transcribing" that where possible. I apologize for any inconvenience!

Also, if this seems to happen unexpectedly, please let us know! We'd want to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible.
Posted 19 days ago
nah.why says:
Thanks for the reply. At least I know you care :)
Posted 17 days ago
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