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Changing due date on tasks and their subtasks proportionally

drfrankbuck says:
As an example, I have a task with a certain due date. The subtasks all have that same due date. If I want to change the due date for not only the task but also all of the subtasks is there a way I can do that?

(I know I could change the date for the task, click the box at the top of the subtasks to select them all, and make that change in mass. I would like to roll both steps into one.)

The real advantage would come when I have quite a few tasks with their subtasks and would like to move the quote a few tasks and their subtasks down the road. Changing the date on all of the needed tasks in mass is easy. If there was the ability for the change to also apply to their subtasks, that would be ideal and much quicker.
Posted at 10:01am on June 10, 2024
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi drfrankbuck,
This isn't possible the way you want, and you covered all the workarounds, so I'll just thank you for your feedback!

You could also submit this in our Ideas forum where others could vote on and comment on it.

Thanks again! 💙
Posted 6 weeks ago
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