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Items added on iPhone not showing up on web

Started by ajbachert Web app

215 days ago
Badge keeps reverting to wrong number

Started by flewtist iPhone app

13 weeks ago
Reference one task in another task

Started by geojono Web app

34 weeks ago
Integrate bulk adding in the web app

Started by peter.smulders Web app

24 weeks ago
smart list for: this week, next week, this month, next month

Started by zentering iPhone app

15 weeks ago
Toodledo won't import

Started by seanatkins General

35 weeks ago
UI for repeating task after n weekdays broken

Started by peter.smulders Web app

05 weeks ago
Repeating tasks - some already on tomorrow's list, others not

Started by erictlee General

16 weeks ago
ubuntu app can't sign into google

Started by jlquinn65 General

36 weeks ago
Customizable swipe actions

Started by willyxiao iPhone app

06 weeks ago
Possible to change shortcuts?

Started by cam91 General

28 weeks ago
What does archiving do to my completed tasks?

Started by halloleo General

28 weeks ago
Smart List containing all Lists that have zero tasks

Started by lancejjohnson Web app

28 weeks ago
Compound filter not working

Started by sfcurley Web app

48 weeks ago
shortcut to page through task list?

Started by jlquinn65 Web app

09 weeks ago
Search by Repeating Type: Weekly, Monthly, etc

Started by geojono Web app

29 weeks ago
Ubuntu 20.04

Started by capemayal General

19 weeks ago
Calendar feed must honor start and due times

Started by abhirjoshi Web app

09 weeks ago
In the last few hours I can't create any tasks or modify dates on existing tasks on the web

Started by 0ks8w5vc Web app

249 weeks ago
No notification sounds

Started by karanvirsingh987654 Reminders

110 weeks ago