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milkscript duplicate task

nah.why says:
I don't see a duplicate function in the milkscript reference []. There is a duplicate task option in the GUI web app. Does this function exist in milkscript?

I suppose I could write it myself by iterating through all a task's member and copying them over one by one.
Posted at 10:36pm on May 27, 2024
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi nah.why,
You're right that there's currently no method to duplicate a task. Right now, iterating through a task's properties would work.

I'll also pass this on to the development team, in case they are willing to create one that you could use down the road! 💙
Posted 7 weeks ago
nah.why says:
Thanks, Andrew.
Posted 7 weeks ago
nah.why says:
While it's not the same thing, and not as good, one idea is to use a similar idea to example milkscript "Tasks from note"

In this case, though, you might put a smart add string in the note, and then just rtm.addTask(notestring, true) with parse smart add as true.

That means for a task you want to duplicate, you'd have to manually create a smart add equivalent string manually and store it in a note. Once done, you could duplicate it (in this way) multiple times without any more manual effort.

You might also chain the duplication by placing a copy of the smart add string in the note of the new task.

If I get this working I'll post it here.
Posted 7 weeks ago
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