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Interact with tasks via SMS

Started by dgcombs New integrations3 comments

Add tasks by barcode

Started by krysta New integrations1 comment

Windows Live Calendar integration

Started by raul.montenegro7 New integrations7 comments

WordPress plugin to display tasks

Started by shescraps New integrations4 comments

Integration with other tagging web applications (, Flickr, YouTube)

Started by rob.davis New integrations0 comments

SlimTimer integration

Started by danielbaars New integrations1 comment

Sunbird sync

Started by noumenontruth New integrations1 comment

Interact with tasks via IM

Started by (closed account) New integrations0 comments

Alarms Express integration

Started by zshahab2 New integrations3 comments integration

Started by pertussini New integrations1 comment

Weather report integration

Started by thedoson New integrations0 comments

Mylyn (Eclipse) integration

Started by boglesby New integrations6 comments

Add tasks by phone call

Started by tobiaspj New integrations2 comments

Funambol sync

Started by kenv481 New integrations0 comments

OpenSocial integration

Started by jnievele New integrations0 comments

Pageflakes module

Started by vjekoslav.radisic New integrations0 comments

MyLifeOrganized integration

Started by marc.garcia.marti New integrations0 comments

Facebook integration

Started by mystwillow New integrations31 comments

Mozilla Ubiquity integration

Started by troy.thompson New integrations9 comments

ReQall integration

Started by lynchstephenp New integrations1 comment