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Add tasks by phone call

tobiaspj says:
I usually think of what I need to do as I'm driving on my way to/from work. Obviously I can't get my mobile and type a new task as I'm driving along but how about recording a "voice task" with my mobile and bluetooth headset?

I could dial a number (via voice command of course ;-]), maybe say a key phrase for security/authentication (as the service would already have my mobile number stored and linked to the correct RTM account), then go ahead and record the task, due date, period, location etc.

Of course voice recognition is a difficult thing but maybe (to begin with) my "voice tasks" could simply be stored in my RTM inbox, then when I login I can listen back and enter them as normal text tasks?

Would anybody else find this feature useful?!

Posted at 9:27pm on April 22, 2007
jrafofsky says:
You can do this with, it's very easy to link to your RTM account. And it's free. Once it's set up, ou just call a toll-free number from whatever phone number(s) you have pre-approved, it asks "who do you want to jott" and you say "remember the milk" and then say what it is you want to record.

A few minutes later, the transcribed text of that message shows up in your RTM list. You can pick a default list for it to go to. if the message was unintelligible, there is even a link to go back to and hear a recording of the message.

You can also set it to email/sms you a confirmation.

Cool stuff.
Posted 11 years ago
swiegand says:
JOTT is closed now
Posted 9 years ago
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