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Allow users to log in with Mozilla Persona

Started by mikedconley New integrations1 comment

SugarCRM integration

Started by mark.tallis New integrations1 comment

LockInfo integration (iPhone)

Started by andrew.veresov New integrations19 comments

Launchy integration

Started by judykator New integrations1 comment

Support for Windows 7 Jump Lists

Started by blade_tm New integrations1 comment

Executive Assistant integration (Android)

Started by gregorius New integrations1 comment

Import contacts from Outlook

Started by anotherbeachbum New integrations0 comments

Import contacts from Mac OS X Address Book

Started by rtsr22 New integrations0 comments

TripIt integration

Started by joe.foss New integrations5 comments

Google Toolbar button

Started by jennifer.munson New integrations4 comments

Add tasks via Jabber

Started by liliana.ziolek New integrations19 comments

SyncML support

Started by rohan.cook New integrations26 comments

Simplenote integration

Started by daniellink New integrations1 comment

Badge to show your Remember The Milk stats on your blog

Started by brento New integrations1 comment

Salesforce integration

Started by jjwhite New integrations67 comments

Blog completed tasks

Started by rupert New integrations1 comment

Dragon Dictation integration (iPhone)

Started by (closed account) New integrations9 comments

Highrise integration

Started by rabkin New integrations31 comments

My6sense integration

Started by fhettenbach New integrations1 comment

Smart Add from the Safari search box

Started by (closed account) New integrations0 comments