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4x4 widget

Started by ctheiss Android app103 commentsLaunched

Add tasks using Android share menu

Started by chrispaton Android app18 commentsLaunched

Add tasks by voice

Started by cdoremus Android app0 commentsLaunched

Push sync

Started by itaysk Android app0 commentsLaunched

Sync changes immediately

Started by jhollington Android app0 commentsLaunched

Better looking widgets

Started by alexlavr Android app15 commentsLaunched

Auto-complete for Smart Add tags

Started by ianfong1000 Android app6 commentsLaunched

Easy task entry

Started by (closed account) Android app0 commentsLaunched

Select start screen

Started by (closed account) Android app16 commentsLaunched

2x2 widget

Started by matata Android app2 commentsLaunched