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Outlook sync

Started by chriswhite New apps785 commentsLaunched

Choose which categories in Outlook sync to Remember The Milk

Started by marquies MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook5 comments

MilkSync for Outlook 2016 for Mac

Started by sgrundman MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook4 comments

Milksync and Outlook 365 Click-to-Run

Started by jdoiii MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook0 comments

Support for 64-bit editions of Microsoft Outlook

Started by paul.bendall MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook9 commentsLaunched

Outlook categories and rtm tags

Started by guiuri MilkSync for Windows Mobile0 comments

Syncs Outlook Calendar events to RTM

Started by emadrigalr MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook0 comments

Option to map Remember The Milk Inbox list to Outlook 'uncategorized'

Started by pkahle MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook1 comment

Customize how priority maps from Remember The Milk to Outlook

Started by bcasteel MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook0 comments

Import tasks from Outlook

Started by binky2128 New integrations7 comments

Parse assigned tasks forwarded from Outlook

Started by beau.raines Email36 comments

Parse meeting requests forwarded from Outlook

Started by lroot Email0 comments

Import contacts from Outlook

Started by anotherbeachbum New integrations0 comments

MilkSync for Outlook 2011 for Mac

Started by tomeppy New apps70 commentsAnswered