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Syncs Outlook Calendar events to RTM

emadrigalr says:
It could be very useful that when you create or accept an event on Outlook 365 Calendar or Outlook Calendar, the event syncs automatically to RTM. A lot of people uses Outlook in our job or personal use. And the events could be managed from RTM.

I find this solution and wants to share it with anyone need it. But I think MilkSync could do this with an additional function.

Here is my optional solution:

Hi to you. I had the same need last days. I resolve it using Microsoft Flow, the action what the flow do is when you create an event on outlook calendar sends a mail to the RTM mail, (e.g.


1. Create a new Flow from cero.
2. Choose Outlook as the app trigger, connect it, and choose "When a new event is created (V2)"
3. Choose the calendar into Outlook you want to use, click in next step.
4. Choose the App Action as Outlook and choose "send an email"
5. Look at here:
6. Save and activate the flow.

Note: This is a personal solution and synchronizes within 5 minutes maximum. It works just to send the events from MS Outlook to RTM. This is the way I found but it is not an optimal solution. If someone have a best solution please share it.

I don't use MilkSync, because it just create the tasks of Outlook as tasks in Outlook but do not create the events as tasks in RTM. A lot of people uses Outlook 365 Calendar or Outlook Calendar in our jobs or personal use and this is crucial to us.

My invitation to RTM developers is to facilitate this function to us, it could be by an addition to Milksync App. I have read a lot of forums in RTM asking for a solution for this need.

I expect it helps.
Posted at 3:36pm on October 23, 2018
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