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Smart List manual/help/guide

kslays says:
The forums and blog have tons of great information about how to program smart lists to do some amazing things.

For example, it is very helpful to me to create tags for 'sleeper tasks' that should not show up in a smart list unless they are nearly due. I can create tasks with #z3d that will not show up unless they are due in 3 days or less. This is accomplished by creating a smart list eg 'zzz' that lists all sleeper tasks not nearly due, and then adding 'and not list:zzz' to any smart list that you want to hide distant tasks from.

There are many other tips in the forums, and an advanced user manual where these things were described in one place would be wonderful.

This is also helpful:

Posted at 6:26pm on May 23, 2011
admirau says:
Very good idea.
I've discovered a lot of nice features that I didn't know reading the forums.

This would bring probably more pro customers.
Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
The problem with such a manual is that it would be constantly changing as new tricks and tips show up. The "best" of them (subjective, at best) could be gathered into a manual, but then things would have to continually be added to it. Eventually, you'd end up with something no different than the forums themselves.

And as I referenced already, which tips are the most helpful would be different for each user. Everyone works differently.

I think the best thing to do is for each person to gather the information they find most useful and make their own manual or knowledgebase (KB). I take a look at the forums each day to see if there's anything new in there that I can implement into my own RTM method. I also keep a lot of the tips and tricks I find, placing them in my own KB that I keep in OneNote.
Posted 3 years ago
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