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Show a notes icon when a task has notes

Started by jamezzz iGoogle gadget5 comments

Show a repeating icon when a task repeats

Started by petej26 iGoogle gadget1 comment

Calendar picker for due dates

Started by fernando.martin iGoogle gadget2 comments

Highlight tasks that are overdue

Started by developer.indian iGoogle gadget1 comment

Customize how many days of tasks are shown (instead of 7 days)

Started by dr.vermeulen iGoogle gadget1 comment

Option to show all tasks with a due date

Started by ragdoll iGoogle gadget1 comment

Clickable URL field for tasks

Started by robin.carriere iGoogle gadget3 comments

Option to display tasks grouped by list

Started by (closed account) iGoogle gadget1 comment

Add tasks to the currently viewed list (not the default list)

Started by (closed account) iGoogle gadget0 comments

Sort by priority

Started by gene.albert iGoogle gadget0 comments

Option to show only tasks with a particular tag

Started by rmchale iGoogle gadget1 comment

Ability to postpone all overdue tasks in the gadget

Started by turbo2ltr iGoogle gadget1 comment

Show list name in list view

Started by jamezzz iGoogle gadget0 comments

Separate tasks by whether they are due in the morning, afternoon, or evening

Started by dss33 iGoogle gadget0 comments

Ability to delete tasks

Started by debby.hallett iGoogle gadget7 comments

Support for notes

Started by tbuman iGoogle gadget1 comment

Show tags in the list view

Started by davosmith iGoogle gadget2 comments

Ability to quickly switch lists

Started by ranbarton iGoogle gadget5 comments

Add a search box

Started by bradb iGoogle gadget4 comments

Ability to add to Smart Lists and inherit properties

Started by johnfoland iGoogle gadget4 comments