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Ability to link contacts and tasks

sweens says:
I know that you can link gmail contacts to tasks when said task contains a special word. But I would like to be able to link any task to a contact within RTM. Is this a planned feature?
Posted at 4:34pm on June 24, 2008
glotzbach says:
This is what I'd like to see as well. I am in a board of a foundation and with the four of us we have a shared list. We use this shared list to remind eachother of waiting tasks, and to enable our secretary to enter the Action Points from meetings for all of us.
Currently we use tags to note who is first responsable, but it would be nice to connect a task with a contact. Connecting tasks and contacts would also enable the development to:
- show only your own tasks in the current and/or other (smart) lists (depending on your choice for that shared list).
- get personalised statistical overviews (over time, compared with other team members, etc.)
Posted 9 years ago
narfdaddy says:
i agree: would be great if each task could include an associated contact or at least a meta-field for contact info (e.g. phone-number for the restaurant or doctor, etc.)
Posted 8 years ago
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