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Cloud attachments

(closed account) says:
An ability to attach files in the notes, using popular cloud storage services. Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft's one drive and so on.
Posted at 6:37pm on March 29, 2016
devarni says:
I think the idea is to provide an integrated tool which connects to this cloud services and provide a file picker?
Todoist has a similar feature for Dropbox which is very great.
Posted 8 years ago
raymund1961 says:
It would be very helpful and important to have an ability to attach files in RTM!!!!
Posted 7 years ago
fant says:
Would be great if RTM give us, especially pros, a hint if this feature will be available in near future. Would make it easier to decide regarding the extension of a pro subscription subscription ;)

BTW, this request is how old?
Posted 7 years ago
fant says:
... ah, it's at least 10 years old

Posted 7 years ago
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