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Unexpected behaviour of repeating parent task

steve23606 says:
If I add a parent task, say "Review future projects" with a due date of 1st June, repeating every three months, and then add due dated subtasks, and then complete the parent task - thereby creating a new parent task dated 1st September - the dates of the subtasks also get moved back 3 months. And to further confuse matters, any previously completed subtasks get uncompleted. This is unexpected behaviour. The due and completed dates of the subtasks are being changed without my knowledge. To my mind, the underlying subtasks should not be impacted at all.
Posted at 9:40pm on May 31, 2023
steve23606 says:
Just to add, I just tried the same thing in Todoist and it behaved as expected. No changes were made to the subtasks. Completing the parent task simply changed the due date of the parent task to three months ahead. The due dates of the subtasks were unchanged and the completed tasks stayed completed.
Posted 1 year ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi steve23606,
Thanks for getting in touch.

Each task+subtasks set is treated as a unit, for example the task "Submit TPS reports" due Friday with subtasks "Collect data due Monday", "Talk to boss about data due Tuesday", etc.

Then, when you make this a repeating task, each TPS report task will have the corresponding subtasks due ahead of time: each subtask goes along with submitting the TPS report on Friday.

This is expected behavior, but let me know if you have any problems with it working that way! And of course I'm hearing your feedback about wanting it to behave differently, and I'll pass this on to the development team for review. 💙
Posted 1 year ago
steve23606 says:
Todoist provides an option on how this works.
Posted 1 year ago
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