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Advanced Sort that groups by Due Date places items with no due date first

kjh says:

[Not urgent, so am posting here in case others in the community may have run across this recently.]

I'd like to apply an Advanced Sort to some of my Lists, where I sort by Due Date, then Priority and group by Due Date. However, I'm (still?) getting the behavior where the tasks *without* due dates show *first* in the sort.

According to a reply from an RTM staff member, this was supposed to be fixed years ago:

Am I running into a bug, a reverted feature or just PEBCAK (i.e. me!)?


-- Khalid
Posted at 5:32pm on May 17, 2023
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Khalid!

The Ideas forum link you mention was separate: that refers just so a regular (not advanced) sort by due date. That behavior changed in 2016. (If that is not what you are seeing when sorting by due date, please let me know!)

However, with an advanced sort grouping by due date, the grouping will put "No Due Date" at the top. We appreciate your feedback that you'd like to sort those groupings in the same way.

You can vote on this specific topic to suggest this behavior. Thanks again! 💙
Posted 1 year ago
kjh says:
Thx Andrew.

Bummer. I'll echo what another user said: it's not consistent behavior across the platform, which of course is unexpected.

And in my case (and I'm sure others) I thought I was doing something wrong and spent quite some time experimenting thinking I was going to find the solution.
Posted 1 year ago
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