Bring your tasks to your favorite apps.

Remember The Milk is even better when you connect it with your favorite apps and tools. Add and manage your tasks from Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, and more.


See your Remember The Milk tasks right next to your emails. Connect your tasks with your mail, contacts, and events in Gmail.

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Google Calendar

Manage your Remember The Milk tasks alongside your calendar. Review your tasks for the week, and plan when you'll get things done.

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Easily add tasks (or entire lists of tasks!) to Remember The Milk just by sending an email to a special address.

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Connect your Remember The Milk tasks with hundreds of other services. Use IFTTT Applets to add tasks and get things done.

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Tell Alexa to remind you, and she'll add the task to your list. Ready to get things done? Just ask Alexa what's due today.

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You can use Siri on iOS to add tasks to Remember The Milk. Just ask Siri to remind you, and the task will be magically added to your list.

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The cow and the elephant, together at last! You can use Remember The Milk to manage your Evernote Reminders.

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Love to tweet? Add new tasks to Remember The Milk, manage your existing tasks, and receive reminders — all via Twitter.

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Subscribe to see your Remember The Milk tasks in your favorite calendar app or feed reader, and always know what's due.

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