Remember The Milk for Email

What it says on the tin.

Easily add tasks (or entire lists of tasks!) to Remember The Milk just by sending an email to a special address.

How to add a task via email

There are two different ways to use this feature. Read on to learn more, and pick whichever method you're most comfortable with.

How to import a list via email

First, you'll need your Import Email Address: this email address allows you to import an entire list of tasks (up to 50) into Remember The Milk via email. You can find this address in your welcome email or in the 'Account settings' section when logged into this site; it looks something like this:

Formatting your email

Email subject

The subject should be the list where you want tasks to appear (if left empty, tasks will appear in your default list).

Email body

The body should contain a list of tasks (one task per line). You can use the Smart Add syntax to include the task name, due date, and other task properties all on one line. If you include bullet characters (e.g. * or #) at the start of each line, they will automatically be removed.

A note on email signatures and disclaimers

If your email automatically contains a signature or disclaimer, you may encounter some unexpected results with this feature (your signature might be imported into Remember The Milk as new tasks or notes). To avoid this, simply include '-end-' on a line by itself before your signature, and everything after this line will be ignored.