Remember The Milk for Email

What it says on the tin.


Frequently asked questions about Remember The Milk for Email are answered below. If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, please contact us.

How do I email a task into my Inbox?

Please see the Remember The Milk for Email page for details on emailing a task into your Inbox list.

What address do I email to send tasks into my Inbox?

The 'welcome' email that you received from Remember The Milk contained the special email address you need to send tasks into your Inbox.

If you no longer have this email:

  1. Open the web app or desktop app.
  2. Click on the 'Settings gear' at the top right.
  3. Click on Account settings.
  4. Click on Email Tasks in the menu on the left.
  5. Your special email address will be displayed under Inbox Email.
Can others email tasks into my Inbox?

Each Remember The Milk user has a special email address they can use to email tasks into their Inbox.

Others can only email tasks into your Inbox if you share this email address with them.

We would suggest that you do not post this email address online, as it may be picked up by spammers and you could end up receiving spam in your Remember The Milk Inbox.

How do I import a list via email?

Please see the Remember The Milk for Email page for details on importing a list via email.

Is there a limit to how many tasks can be imported via email?

Yes, the limit for importing tasks via email is currently 50. If you have more tasks to import, you can split them into multiple email messages to import each group of 50 tasks.

Can I change the address where I send my tasks?

When you sign up for Remember The Milk, you're assigned a unique email address that allows you to email tasks into your account. The address looks something like:

It's not possible to change this email address, sorry. The "+abc123" part is designed to prevent anyone else from being able to email into your account (unless you tell them the address), and to protect against spam.

If your email software doesn't support addresses that include "+", you might try replacing this sign with "%2b".