Google Calendar gadget

Manage your tasks alongside your calendar.

Important: Google has deprecated the gadgets feature that we used for our Google Calendar gadget. Gadgets will not be supported after January 31, 2018.

We're looking into different ways that we can integrate Remember The Milk with Google Calendar. In the meantime, you can subscribe with iCalendar to show your tasks on your Google Calendar on the date they are due.

Introducing the gadget

The gadget allows you to manage your Remember The Milk tasks in Google Calendar:

  • Review your upcoming tasks for the week
  • Add new tasks and edit existing ones
  • Easily complete and postpone tasks
  • Review your overdue tasks
  • Optionally show tasks with no due date
  • Display tasks from a particular list or Smart List

Adding tasks

With the “quick add” feature, you can easily add tasks:

Pick up the milk
Call Jimmy at 5pm tomorrow
Return library books in 2 weeks

You can use the Smart Add syntax to specify additional task properties:

Take out the trash Monday at 8pm *weekly #errand

Add to Google Calendar

Just click the button below to add Remember The Milk to Google Calendar:

Add to Google Calendar