Add new tasks to Remember The Milk, manage your existing tasks, and receive reminders — all via Twitter.

Getting started

If you're not already using Twitter, you'll need to sign up for an account. You'll also need to follow rtm on Twitter (click the 'Follow' button on rtm's profile page). Then, complete the quick and easy set up process in the box on the right.

Interact via direct messages

You can interact with Remember The Milk via direct messages on Twitter. To add a task to your account, just send your rtm contact a direct message with the name of the task. You can also send one of the commands listed below to do more with your tasks. You may receive a confirmation or info back via a return direct message.

Getting reminded

Once you're set up with Twitter, you can receive task reminders as direct messages to your Twitter account. These will be sent according to your general reminder preferences (more details on reminder settings are available in the Getting Started guide). To disable reminders on Twitter, send a direct message with !off to rtm, or toggle this option on the Remember The Milk 'Settings' screen under the 'Reminders' tab.