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Splunk-like short format for due dates

Started by graham.poulter Web app2 comments

In the advanced search form, include archived and Smart Lists in the 'Search' dropdown

Started by robin.pelham Web app0 comments

Ability to set a due date for a particular tag

Started by stagger82 Web app0 comments

Ability to hide specific Smart Lists

Started by paul.sinclair Web app3 comments

Support for location:none search

Started by dave.lehrer Web app4 comments

Ability to attach voice notes to tasks

Started by mamico Web app0 comments

Display the original owner of a shared list

Started by jshuma Web app3 comments

Make shared lists stand out from my lists

Started by cweb Web app1 comment

Option to include alarms in the iCalendar feed

Started by pfeff Web app10 comments

Allow users to rename Inbox

Started by waldir.leoncio Web app4 comments

Customize the duration of events in the iCalendar (Events) feed

Started by ferrifer Web app1 comment

In the locations view, hide locations that don't have any tasks

Started by diskostu Web app3 comments

Ability to 'redo'

Started by ward.bergmans Web app2 comments

Option to share the priority on shared tasks

Started by josh.bluestein Web app3 comments

Adding tasks without using the keyboard

Started by weirdhero Web app2 comments

Ability to manually set and use current location in the web app

Started by kaopua Web app1 comment

Support for wiki-like markup in notes

Started by chris.hancock Web app0 comments

Ability to keep tags inline in list name (e.g., 'Call #Dave')

Started by justlikegeorge Web app0 comments

Add 'completedBy' to search operators (e.g. 'completedBy:user')

Started by bunchbob Web app0 comments

Automatically add people who accept invites to contacts

Started by bryce.schober Web app1 comment