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Support for sending and sharing tasks with other users

Started by shrff iPad app6 comments

Customizable menu icons

Started by rauros iPad app0 comments

Tap a task field to edit that field

Started by lukeen iPad app0 comments

Default list upon opening app

Started by vzb iPad app5 comments

Ability to attach photographs to notes

Started by ryan.gaul iPad app6 comments

Enhanced Bluetooth keyboard support

Started by sven.schenkel iPad app0 comments

Bold/underline due and overdue tasks

Started by brice.russ iPad app0 comments

Ability to tap on tag names

Started by rod.satterwhite iPad app4 commentsAnswered

Ability to add a new task by tapping any blank row

Started by i_dave iPad app1 comment

Option to keep tasks selected after performing actions on multiple tasks

Started by tvjames iPad app4 comments

'Edit' button on search results

Started by tvjames iPad app2 comments