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Keyboard shortcuts on iPad pro

Started by dominic.spachmann iPad app5 comments

Slide Over on iPad - iOS9 feature

Started by dtwhite iPad app2 comments

'Edit' button on search results

Started by tvjames iPad app2 comments

iOS Share Sheet

Started by paladintom iPad app1 comment

More sensible tags editing of tasks in the iOS app

Started by halloleo iPad app0 comments

Ability to switch between multiple Remember The Milk accounts

Started by michael.mccusker iPad app5 comments

Ability to close task detail window in landscape mode

Started by (closed account) iPad app1 comment

Customizable menu icons

Started by rauros iPad app0 comments

Ability to add a new task by tapping any blank row

Started by i_dave iPad app1 comment

Enhanced Bluetooth keyboard support

Started by sven.schenkel iPad app0 comments

Ability to add handwritten notes

Started by frankt72 iPad app4 comments