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Ability to add handwritten notes

frankt72 says:
I would very much like to have the ability to add a handwritten note to any task. This would greatly improve RTM on the iPad, as typing on the iPad is slower than writing (for instance with a stylus). Thus during meetings it will be much easier to jot down some notes/actions on any (project)list.
Users shoud be able to zoom in and out when writing, like the Notes Plus app. And the writing would preferable be as fluid and neat like Penultimate which is much better in simulating the look and feel of writing in real ink on paper.
Posted at 9:43pm on June 7, 2011
niek63 says:
totally agree!
Posted 8 years ago
dvaughan says:
AGREE, A relationship with NOTES PLUS would make this happen. NOTES PLUS has HWR as well. I DON'T WORK FOR NOTES PLUS but it is a great IPAD APP.
Posted 8 years ago
niek63 says:
Agree with dvaughan
Posted 7 years ago
sva77 says:
Totally agree. Would be a killer fearure.
Posted 2 years ago
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